Saturday, 9 January 2010


Not much happening really hence the title slowly! I did enter Wilmslow (that was cancelled) but even when I entered I was in 2 minds if I would go - moving/weather etc etc - but I did want to go to see how young Kaiser was progressing (or not!) - to not go to a show from Downland to Easter (judging at Mid Downs) seemed not good with a young dog!

Today I picked up 3 canvas's - they are photos of Fleet that I had put onto canvas, he is coming with us when I move into the new house...I will try and take some photos of them when they are up in the new house.

The snow is driving me slightly insane - it stopped us getting my stuff out of storage and taking it to the new house grrrrrr - no photos of my guys in the snow - right now I just can't take photos as there is one missing...

On a more jolly note I thought I would post a photo of my new sofa's - they have not arrived yet (probably be here for next Xmas lol!) - chocolate brown leather - a 2 and 3 seater with recliners

Have fun with your dogs and stay warm x