Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The life and times of Cadbury Bear

I thought I had not blogged for a very long time and I wanted to write about Cadbury - it started as his Blog so it seemed right that this was a post about him. He has all sorts of things wrong with him and has been really poorly recently, our trips to the vets continue and the poor dog has had more blood tests than he or I care to remember. He has thyroid problems (the tablets seem to control that), and then more complicated he has cushings (pituitary) and was doing fine till on the medication, his was eating and drinking normally, was a ok weight and his hair had grown back really well.... then he went for a 9 month check - the cushings levels were all wrong and he was now into addisions, they reduced the medication with more and more blood tests on the way (the cushings test is take blood, give an injection, then an hour later take blood again an ACT test), over a few weeks (and yes you guessed it more blood tests) he ended up on no medication, well normally you would think Yay...not nooooo no medication means he does not want to eat and wants to drink 24/ back onto a small dose of the medication which is having no affect on the eating and drinking, he has lost lots of weight. The only thing he is happy to eat at the moment is fish so I am cooking him fish each day... someone said that dog has you wrapped around his paw.... I said no that dog is most unwell... he has been a greedy dog his whole life and this is the first time he has not wanted to eat at all.. my vet is liaising with a vet at the Vet College but they are all a bit confused with the symptoms so 2 more weeks on a low dose of medication, keep trying to get him to eat and restricting his water and yep you guessed it more blood tests!