Friday, 8 October 2010

Time goes by.....

Time goes by so quickly!

Well Bex is growing like grass lol - he is coming up 4 1/2 months, he is a sweet, clever, slightly gobby little chap! I am so glad I got him he has made me smile so much with his antics :) We have been going to a puppy clicker class and Bex has had a great time learning new things :)

So much to report on since I last posted! August was a busy month as well as having Bex-pup I did a little agility tour which was enjoyable but tiring! Cad and Kaiser got various places - think a 2nd was Cad's best and Kaiser got a 3rd in ABC and a 6th in Grade 3 Agility - Kaiser sometimes seems to be three steps forward two back but we are gradually making progress! Also borrowed Dennis's Meg for 3 days at Dashin and got a couple of places - she is great fun to run. Judged at Prestbury Park - the Team Dash and a couple of small and medium classes - very enjoyable weekend at an awesome venue.

Bex get's along really well with Cad and Kaiser - still very supervised play with Kaiser as he can be too rough! (photo a it blurry as on zoom on the iphone!)

Not many shows left for the year now, I had 6 months off of shows last Winter (did Downland then next show was Mid Downs where I judged so did not compete till Easter) but I felt soooo rusty so am going to do the occasional one but it will be nice to have time to spend at home with a few more things to do to my house too (painting and tiling in the conservatory and some stuff in the garden to sort).

Keep blogging everyone I do so enjoy reading all the blogs - even reading via iphone when I don't get round to turning my "proper" computer on!

Lorna x