Sunday, 9 May 2010

Catch up!

Behind again! Just don't like to post loads of words with no photos or video! Shows are so large there just does not seem to have been time to video :(

Will do a little resume to get up to date...

Wallingford - we had Team Dash and Cad's Medium Team came 6th, across the weekend he also got 3rd in 6/7 Jumping, 5th in 5/7 Agility and 7th in 6/7 Agility - so I was very proud of him! Kaiser was also working well for a young chap! Wallingford is always so well organised which is great!

WBSDS - only place here was a 5th in Medium 6/7 Jumping - Kaiser was a bit distracted one day but worked well on the other day.

Newbury is a convenient venue only 30 mins from home but quite often with so many rings and a long walk from the van so all so spread out it really can be exhausting!

Onto Shrewsbury - our first camping show of the year - I always like this show as it's at a nice showground and they are a jolly bunch of people and the classes/judges/courses are normally good. Lee Gibson set a really interesting course - obstacle discrimination - no pull throughs at all :) - link here:- (how do you do smart links without all the text??)

As is normally the case it was not quite as on the course plan - I remember the pipe tunnel at the end being so much harder to get into the correct end lol. I was really pleased to get Cad round - as it was Graded 6/7 they only went to 3 and he was just outside the places but I did not mind at all :) Cad's only place here was a 6th in a 6/7 Agility. Kaiser was a little star and did a couple of lovely runs and got an 18th place in Grade 3 Agility - I know to some people that is not very impressive at all but keeping his concentration all the way round a course has been really hard and he thinks weaves are a bit of a waste of his time and there were 12 in that class so I was really pleased (he had a good gawp at the judge when he was on the see-saw too!).

Then onto Vyne (Newbury again argh!!) - it was sooooooooooooo cold - no places but both dogs did some nice bits. The Champ went on soooooo long too! Cad was very cheeky in the Champ Jumping with an E and then did not really get going, then ran nice in the Agility with an E near the end.

Beacon - with no classes for the vertically challenged at Tunbridge on the Saturday a little group of us from club thought we would take a trip to the Midlands (2 hours to get there so not bad!) - it was a cold/grey/drizzly day - Cad went clear in the Crufts Team (between the rest they had 20f) and he had a clear in the 6/7 Agility, for various reasons the Champ was not good so I will now try and erase that one from my memory! I also borrowed little Rosie Terrier who ran well considering I have hardly run her before - she is a funny little thing! Kaiser had a day off as there were only classes for the little-ies.

Then onto Tunbridge - we had Crufts Team again and I was very proud of our Team of Karen and Todd, EJ and Cia, Sue and Bug and Cadders for coming 2nd - the winners (Thames) had 5 faults and our team had 10 (dog walk for Bug and Cia knocked the last bit of the long jump), Cad got a 15th in the Medium KC class, and Kaiser worked well with a clear in a speedy G3 jumping just outside the places.

So lot's of words for a short catch up but finishing with a photo! I am very proud that Cadders got a lovely Tunbridge trophy - Fleet got 3 there 2 years back...