Sunday, 22 January 2012

The journey started :)

I like to think of starting competing with a young dog as a journey, so much to learn and so much to look forward to. After having no competitions for what seemed like a long time we have had a full weekend!! Saturday Winter League - Cad won the medium section of 1-7 Agility, Kaiser was 4th in 1-3 Agility and Bex's first time running at Winter League and he had two messy runs and then two lovely runs, 1-3 Agility he came out of the 8th weave pole and then his last run of the day a stunning clear round in 1-7 Agility - just out of the 6 places all of which (I think) were taken by grade 6-7 dogs.

So an early start today to go up to Solihull to Midlands Border Collie Club, a mixture of courses but hey that is the variety of agility!

Here is Bex's first run 1-4 Agility - loads of good things to take from this run - even if it was an E :)

We then had a jumping run - no video - same course as in the video of Kaiser - Bex ran past two jumps - all due to my timing not being right!

Then the last run of the day 1-3 Agility - I am not knocking the judge but the jump where I went wrong was a really tricky bit for this grade and the ending was hard too - nothing dangerous about it so no reason not to have a go (no weaves used in this side of the arena as they can't peg them - we can't peg at our show but use weaves with a heavy base that don't move much at all - I do like to see weaves in a course!)

If any of my Blogger/Facebook friends see me at a show with a video camera and don't mind doing the occasional video I would be sooooo pleased :)

A Kaiser Video

I hardly ever get any videos of my dogs (sad face :(..) so as Bex is just starting out I thought I would try and get some (not an easy task!) so starting here with a video of Kaiser today at Midlands Border Collie Show - 1-3 Jumping, no weaves and he was just out of the places. To think he could not even concentrate all the way round the course at one time (and still has some lapses of concentration lol)