Monday, 10 January 2011

eeek 2011 already!

Well as it's Cadbury and friends - Cadbury first he is fine bless him - cute and fluffy and gobby - across the winter we have done a couple of shows "ooops North" mainly to try and keep Kaiser concentrating... I just love running Cad indoors and he has had a few places bless him! Kaiser....well he has done some very good bits and at Wilmslow just the other day 2 lovely runs not quite clear but much better than before!

Bex wow the time goes sooooo fast - he is coming up 8 months! He is cheeky, cute and loves playing with his toys. Am still removing things from his mouth he should not have .......wonder when he grows out of that one lol

Am supposed to be getting on with all the jobs I don't get round to doing while going to lots of shows during the Spring and Summer...mmmm has not quite worked out like that yet.

The schedules have started coming out for the shows and the messages of camping full are already being seen....argh I hate rushing to get camping makes things stressful!

Just before the snow I had my artificial lawn done - it's been a long wait (I think it's 3 years I have had the lawn for without it ever going down and house moves along the way) - am loving it, my garden is not huge but it's great for the dogs to run about out there without getting muddy and I have done some little bits of training and just started some wings and pipe tunnel with Bex :) most of which I would not have been able to do for fear of turning the garden into a mudbath! The photos show the bigger half of the grassy area and there is another bit on the other side of the path. Prior to the conservatory I had patio, grass and then more patio where the large shed and back gate are - the gate leads out onto a lovely woodland path walk.

Thinking of those who have lost loved ones recently humans and canines xx