Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday......

I am copying Angela - not many words but a photo I found when looking through the computer that I really like:-

and another I like:-

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Easter etc....

Well Easter approached and the rain came down! We had been at Ardingly 4 weeks before for Mid Downs and when I had walked the dogs across the grassy areas it was well soggy so we had already decided not to camp - with 8 dogs between us and Fog nearly 13 and TT 12 and the rest of the dogs to think about too camping in mud just did not seem a good idea! So it's about an hour each way so we thought we would just go each day and that included going Friday to help set up (and go to the pub in the evening with Derek, Mandy and Arthur). Thankfully the organisers had been able to move the show indoors and also use the outdoor sandschools so no slipsliding about on mud yay!

This is one of the outside rings on the Friday with a little river running through it and below where the water came out - it did dry out quite well on the Saturday and Sunday and we were very lucky with the weather all weekend!

The people who camped were parked in rows on the roadways - looked really funny!

No Videos as I helped each day but was very pleased with the dogs, Cad got a 4th, 2 x 5th and a 6th and a clear in his fifth run so 5/5 clears - I really enjoyed all the courses I did with both the dogs - there was one I thought noooooo way would I do the start with Cad but we did it - wasted a bit of time as he so wanted to go back in the tunnel lol, and Kaiser is getting there - this was his first show in 6 months (the 2 shows we did recently were only for the vertically challenged dogs!) and Kaiser only did a handful in July/Aug/Sept last year where back then I was very selective about what courses I did in case they were a. too hard or b. too near the next ring as he so wanted to go and herd the dog in the next ring! It has been a lot of hard work - keeping his attention and motivation but I think we are gradually getting there - we need to work on the weaves and his turns now and make up my mind what I am doing with his contacts!

The House

Well the work has continued - it's almost finished now and really does look so different - all that's left is a few bits - the plastering has been done, the floor has been screeded (is that spelt right - I don't know!), so the electrics need to be finished, and some finishing touches and then the rest is down to me...I need to paint it, can't decide on a colour yet - might just go for washable cream, or might do the low walls that are below the glass in lilac! The floor needs to be tiled as well so I need to choose some tiles and get that done. Next job - I am having my driveway at the front widened to make room for the caravan so have had 5 tree's taken down (sorry tree eco peeps- they were those drop the darn pine needle ones lol).

Here are some before and afters - I am so pleased with the difference the new windows/white upvc guttering and cladding make as well as having the conservatory - I know some people like wooden cladding but it's not a very old house and cladding needs upkeep which I would be terrible at doing!