Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March 2010....

So what's been happening since I last blogged, Chippenham small/medium show, Downland, Kaiser went on his first training session away from club and the conservatory is finally taking shape.

Chip Small/Medium - I know a lot of people don't like indoor shows but I do lol - I find them more sociable and you know what surface you are running on - no worries about dogs or handlers slipsliding in the mud! Cad was having a cheeky couple of runs in the Champ but he still did some nice bits I do have those 2 runs but on Dennis's video camera and getting them off there seems complicated due to lack of correct wires or something like that - hence I have now bought my own video camera! I enjoyed watching the Champ final with Karen and Todd and Bernadette and Zen in it and Zen won the medium CC yay! So 2 E's in the Champ for Cad, nice clear on a very straight forward 6/7 jumping, it was a scratch pair as Cad's partner was in season - - another doodle :) they did 2 lovely clears - then we found out we had 25 faults on the changeover - you could not hear the tannoy but afterwards we found out (as others did) you had to hold the baton the whole time the second dog ran - it will make me cross to go on about it but it did put a dampener on things as I did not know my pairs partner and felt bad for letting them down after two lovely runs grrrr! We then got a 4th in the Graded 6/7 Agility - I was pleased with this as there was a tunnel handling point and Cad worked it lovely :)

Kaiser has been a very herdy/easily distracted boy! We have worked hard on this but I was not happy to take him on any training sessions away from club as if someone was doing something that was badly distracting him (like chucking a ball right by him down to the empty end of the indoor school) I know them and can ask them to stop just while I run (I would not find this so easy with people I don't know!). So he has not done any training days but anyways having worked hard on raising his concentration levels I booked to do a 2 hour group session with Gemma Hanekom - I like Gemma's handling of her dogs - always so very smooth and encouraging and I thought 2 hours was a good length to try after rather than some training "days" which can be 3 hours - yes of course we are not running our dogs for the 2 or 3 hours - lot's of listening/watching/learning - so I have a good few things to work on but I was pleased to get Kaiser into a different training location and get some new ideas on things to help us improve :)

Downland - I do like this show - 2 rings and you can watch from the upstairs viewing area - only thing was I had toothache for about a week and did not feel on top form at all and this seemed to rub off on Cad! We had a clears in 6/7 jumping just out the places and in steeplechase but I am finding I get more of a buzz doing the agility runs - we got 6th in the 1-7 Agility and a missed weave entry in the pay on the day agility - my fault (as ever!) Cad thought I was pulling him off the weaves I think! In the 1-7 I would have liked Cad to run down the dog walk a bit more so in the pay on the day I paused and he ran right down - only thing about videoing is it can make you what I call over-analytical !

Here are our runs in the 1-7 Agility and Pay on the Day Agility - I am not sure what I did to the second clip but you have to double click it to play on YouTube or at least on my screen it's all the wrong size - so I tried it on the blogger upload too - think I am being a technophobe doh!



The conservatory is taking shape now - some people have said "is that not finished yet" ! But as ever it was not quite that simple! After the base and brick wall there was a wait of a few weeks for the glass/frame/roof etc to arrive and it's not just the conservatory but I was having all the back guttering/facias/soffits/wooden cladding replaced with white upvc and also 3 new windows so quite a major job! They have done a bit more so I need to take some more photos!

Saturday, 13 March 2010


On Thursday we set off early for Crufts - we wanted to get up there nice and early in case of any delays and to get a good parking space and I am glad we did as some people got held up with road closures/diversions!

Cadbury and Dennis's terrier/terror Rosie had qualified for the mini/mixi pairs - really proud that they had qualified for this and so glad that Cadbury actually got to run at Crufts this year - the last two years he had been a reserve for a medium crufts team so he got to go - watch agility - get all excited and then come home again!

We got to watch Pia and Maisie in the British Open Jumping and they did a fab run to come 2nd :)

Here is Cadbury waiting out the back by the DFS cloth......was a bit dark there so not a very good photo!

The course for the smalls was quite straightforward...the course for the medium and large dogs was well tricky - pull throughs from behind which are not my strong point lol (Cad is fine - it's me!) hence the need to really run and get all the turns in! I was soooo proud of how Cadbury ran bless him - Dennis's Rosie was on a bit of a gooooo slow! They placed to 6th and we came 7th!

Bill Glover kindly videod us:-


I then did some shopping - there was not really enough time to watch agility, compete and shop in one day but I still managed a quick whizz round the shops and bought two new dogs beds and some lovely fleecey purple bedding

I bought one of these raised beds at Olympia - I had always wanted to see if the dogs like them and yep they really do so I bought two more!

and bought the normal stuff like smoked bones/toys/new bowls etc!

Well Done to everyone else we know who is at Crufts - I am loving watching the live streaming and also have paid the fee to watch the videos of previous events :)