Monday, 9 August 2010

Way too busy to Blog!

Sorreeeee been way to busy to blog will try and do a quick update now!

Above is Kaiser in a river in the Lakes - could not go to the actual Lakes due to the green/blue algae :(

We have done various shows from the Lake District to Wales and I am not going to type a list of the dogs results that would be too dull lol - so for me a couple of highlights. Kaiser has been getting so much better, he still has big lapses in concentration but when he does concentrate bless him he can be quite good! He has had a few places now and even got his club some points - his best to date is a 6th in Grade 3 Agility. Cadbury continues to be my little fluffy star. Some of the weather at the shows has been way too humid for him - no I am not going to shave him like some people have suggested, I just think some other breeds do get affected by the heat. He has made a couple of champ finals and then his dippy handler has mucked up! Also he won the Champ Agility round at Axstane and got a lovely trophy - the advantage of being E-d in the jumping (right near the end argh!) meant just have fun in the agility no need to go for a careful clear hence he won :) Oh and we won a Dragon at Caerphilly - you go to the show to hunt for a Dragon they are very sought after!

I have done a few runs and gained a few places with some borrowed dogs - having run Tom's Panic, Ian's Kes and Trim, Dennis's Meg and Tag - all good fun :)

I had a shall I follow my heart of shall I follow my head moment and my heart won I saw a picture of lovely mismarked little red merle dual reg BC and fell in love, he was not planned although I wanted to get a pup soon and he was 9 weeks old the day I found out about him - 2 days later saw me doing just over a 1000 mile round trip to Scotland to see the pups and choose one (I went with my original choice but had 4 to choose from - 2 red and whites, a red merle tri and the pup I went for), I stayed with Nat on the way back to break up the journey - boy it was a long way but I have to say he is worth every mile.

Please meet Bex - posh name lovely and short "Astra Bex"