Thursday, 16 August 2012

Holiday time....

Well holiday, judging and some competing in agility thrown in!

We are about half way through our agility break having done Hare n Hounds at Barnard Castle, I judged on a really hot day (I'm not good with the heat!) but it was still a good day.

Kaiser had forgotten how to weave but luckily remembered later in the show, he and Cad are just doing agility runs now (well Cad does Champ jumping), they both got a few places, Kaisers best was a 4th and Cad had a 2nd.

I had decided that I wanted Bex to stay in Grade 4 until I was better at running him in jumping classes. That's me not Bex lol, just didn't want to do well in one agility run, move up a grade and then be facing harder jumping courses so the plan was working ok and some of our jumping runs have been getting better and Bex got a couple of nice jumping places at this and previous shows and then at Hare n Hounds in Graded 4-5 jumping which was quite tricky he did a lovely clear and he won and also beat the time of the Grade 5 winner, so well pleased with that and proud of the young merlie boy :) we also had some graded 4-7 courses that were really hard and I was pleased with how we did them. I think the other grade 4's must have found them hard too as Bex got 2 top ten places with 5 faults (a pole in one and came out of the middle of the weaves to get 5 in the other).

A couple of photos - Bex with his first place and Bex in one of the exercise areas on the hill overlooking the show.

We are now at TAG at Uttoxetor Racecourse, competing and I'm judging here too. Hope everyone I know is having a good August :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Small Catch up

With so much getting posted on Facebook these days sometimes things on a blog seem "old news"!

A zillion things have happened since I last posted photos of snow!

The most recent and really sad was having to say goodbye to Foggy, my first collie and the lovliest little fella you could wish to meet. It's such a long time to spend with a dog but I'm trying not to let the sadness of the passing overshadow the happiness of 15 years together :)

Bex started in Grade 3 and didn't stay there long winning 3 Grade 3 Agilities and getting a handfull of 2nd's in Agility and Jumping. It's a learning curve as he is faster than Cad and Kaiser so he's fine it's me that needs the training lol, the clears we have had in the few shows we have done in Grade 4 have given us a 2nd and 4th in Jumping and a 4th in Agility. Quite happy to stay in Grade 4 a little while as want to gather experience for us both along the way :)

Cad and Kaiser have been competing well too, they both mostly just do agility now as that's what they stand the best chance in and I didn't want things to be too hectic with three dogs to run.

A few shows got cancelled due to the weather, perhaps Summer will carry on into September and October... I'm not holding my breath but just not having constant rain would be good!