Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well I thought I'd make the slightly ;) mad trip to Wyre! It was a long day but I'm glad I went. I borrowed Meg and Jaf and Fog stayed home, so 4 dogs to run! I'd entered Bex and spent days and then the journey deciding if I would run him and ended up thinking I'd wait and see what the courses were like.

Afraid no video as I didn't like to bug anyone to video my runs as none of the people I knew that well were there.

Bex ran lovely, 2 nice waits, 2 very fidgetty waits, lovely contacts and one weave entry missed, we are not ver used to running whole courses and this did show a bit but I'm happy this will come :) we had no clears but lots of good bits. The best run scorewise was a missed weave entry in 1-7 jumping :)

Kaiser had 2 great runs and gained a 3rd in Grade 3 Agility and an 8th in Grade 3 Jumping.

Cad got 6th in the medium KC qualifier.

Meg - well she was a bit mad! Plastic poles argh lol - best run was one pole down in 6-7 graded jumping.

An enjoyable day and nice to catch up with fellow agility loons! Now if they could just move the venue a lot further down south that would be great!

Posting from my iPhone today - not done that before!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Just a quickie

For those who do not "do" Facebook (I know that is most people - maybe Helen?) I wanted to try and put the video of Bex on here from his first show at the weekend - he only had one run and there were parts of the course I was not sure how to do as I have not done much pulling him off things - he was only 18 months and 2 days. I didn't care it was an E as Bex did not really know and I thought it was good experience to start him off at the venue where we train - although it is of course not that noisy or busy at training! Still lot's to work on - especially the wait as I was not confident he would wait in those circs so just ran him off the line.

Kaiser got a 17th on the same course and Cad a 7th in the 6-7 Jumping. It was a very busy day and I did enjoy it but am also glad it's over for another year - we were inspected by a Field Officer and scored Excellent - phew!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The blog must go on!

Well either post again or bin it lol - still love reading everyone elses just don't seem to have the inspiration to write my own however these are busy but exciting times as Bex is coming up 18 months - he may do a couple of shows over the winter we shall see how it goes but really the end of November is a funny time to be old enough so next Spring we can look forward to competing.

We have been lucky enough to attend training days with people who I greatly respect as trainers and admire them running their own dogs and we have learnt loads - it's just putting it all into practice! We went on a 3 day agility camp back at the end of August and trained with Dave Munnings, Lucy Osborne and Sian Illingworth, a different trainer each day and we did 90 mins in the morning and afternoon and social things too.

More recently I have trained Bex again with Dave Munnings and with Nancy Hudson and Natasha Wise, he has his fabric crate to go into between runs or he starts to go a bit nuts....ooops!

Just yesterday we trained with Natasha and Trevor Greenslade took a lovely photo of Bex - it's the first one I have of him doing agility so a really special photo to me :)

To give the others a little mention too - Kaiser has had a couple of really good results - a 3rd in 3-5 Combined Agility at Gillingham and a 2nd in Grade 3 Agility at Lune (Oct), he still finds it hard to concentrate all the way round the course and if something takes his attention he looses so much time doh! An Alan Score photo from back in the summer.

Cadbury is as scruffy fluffy barky lovely as ever - well to me anyway lol - an Alan Score photo of him too

Oh dear it looks like his ears needed a brush lol

Fog getting older and more leaky - hate it when dogs get old :( This photo is from a few years back

And a Fog and Jaf one from a good few years back too

That's all for now must get on with paperwork things for North Downs Show... x

(thanks to Alan for the Bex photo at the top of the page)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Such a bad blogger!!

Just seem to have no time to blog these days and don't ever seem to have any photos or video to add and just text looks quite dull!!

Just back from a lovely 10 days at Lune and Barrow - hate to do a list of results but Cad was a little star and did not spook in the ring once - following on from an incident at a show over a year ago some things can now really scare him and that really upsets me and makes me think about not running him. Yes it's lovely to do well however I just want Cad to be happy in the ring! I know the kind of things that scare him and try and avoid these if at all possible. Kaiser did some nice runs and got a few places but still seems to have problems concentrating! Not so little Bex has just turned 13 months and is such a sweetie he is loving his training and is due to start in a class this week, not sure how that will go as it's not specific for young dogs so we might need to improvise a little lol

The view of the rings on one of the days off

A bit misty but the view from the caravan

Went for a lovely river and woodland walk with the dogs on one of the days off but I couldn't take any photos as had my hands full keeping a good eye on the dogs and also did not want to risk dropping my new Iphone4!

Please ignore the grassy caravan floor!

TTFN will try and blog again soon!

Monday, 10 January 2011

eeek 2011 already!

Well as it's Cadbury and friends - Cadbury first he is fine bless him - cute and fluffy and gobby - across the winter we have done a couple of shows "ooops North" mainly to try and keep Kaiser concentrating... I just love running Cad indoors and he has had a few places bless him! Kaiser....well he has done some very good bits and at Wilmslow just the other day 2 lovely runs not quite clear but much better than before!

Bex wow the time goes sooooo fast - he is coming up 8 months! He is cheeky, cute and loves playing with his toys. Am still removing things from his mouth he should not have .......wonder when he grows out of that one lol

Am supposed to be getting on with all the jobs I don't get round to doing while going to lots of shows during the Spring and Summer...mmmm has not quite worked out like that yet.

The schedules have started coming out for the shows and the messages of camping full are already being seen....argh I hate rushing to get camping makes things stressful!

Just before the snow I had my artificial lawn done - it's been a long wait (I think it's 3 years I have had the lawn for without it ever going down and house moves along the way) - am loving it, my garden is not huge but it's great for the dogs to run about out there without getting muddy and I have done some little bits of training and just started some wings and pipe tunnel with Bex :) most of which I would not have been able to do for fear of turning the garden into a mudbath! The photos show the bigger half of the grassy area and there is another bit on the other side of the path. Prior to the conservatory I had patio, grass and then more patio where the large shed and back gate are - the gate leads out onto a lovely woodland path walk.

Thinking of those who have lost loved ones recently humans and canines xx