Monday, 4 July 2011

Such a bad blogger!!

Just seem to have no time to blog these days and don't ever seem to have any photos or video to add and just text looks quite dull!!

Just back from a lovely 10 days at Lune and Barrow - hate to do a list of results but Cad was a little star and did not spook in the ring once - following on from an incident at a show over a year ago some things can now really scare him and that really upsets me and makes me think about not running him. Yes it's lovely to do well however I just want Cad to be happy in the ring! I know the kind of things that scare him and try and avoid these if at all possible. Kaiser did some nice runs and got a few places but still seems to have problems concentrating! Not so little Bex has just turned 13 months and is such a sweetie he is loving his training and is due to start in a class this week, not sure how that will go as it's not specific for young dogs so we might need to improvise a little lol

The view of the rings on one of the days off

A bit misty but the view from the caravan

Went for a lovely river and woodland walk with the dogs on one of the days off but I couldn't take any photos as had my hands full keeping a good eye on the dogs and also did not want to risk dropping my new Iphone4!

Please ignore the grassy caravan floor!

TTFN will try and blog again soon!