Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well I thought I'd make the slightly ;) mad trip to Wyre! It was a long day but I'm glad I went. I borrowed Meg and Jaf and Fog stayed home, so 4 dogs to run! I'd entered Bex and spent days and then the journey deciding if I would run him and ended up thinking I'd wait and see what the courses were like.

Afraid no video as I didn't like to bug anyone to video my runs as none of the people I knew that well were there.

Bex ran lovely, 2 nice waits, 2 very fidgetty waits, lovely contacts and one weave entry missed, we are not ver used to running whole courses and this did show a bit but I'm happy this will come :) we had no clears but lots of good bits. The best run scorewise was a missed weave entry in 1-7 jumping :)

Kaiser had 2 great runs and gained a 3rd in Grade 3 Agility and an 8th in Grade 3 Jumping.

Cad got 6th in the medium KC qualifier.

Meg - well she was a bit mad! Plastic poles argh lol - best run was one pole down in 6-7 graded jumping.

An enjoyable day and nice to catch up with fellow agility loons! Now if they could just move the venue a lot further down south that would be great!

Posting from my iPhone today - not done that before!

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