Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Small Catch up

With so much getting posted on Facebook these days sometimes things on a blog seem "old news"!

A zillion things have happened since I last posted photos of snow!

The most recent and really sad was having to say goodbye to Foggy, my first collie and the lovliest little fella you could wish to meet. It's such a long time to spend with a dog but I'm trying not to let the sadness of the passing overshadow the happiness of 15 years together :)

Bex started in Grade 3 and didn't stay there long winning 3 Grade 3 Agilities and getting a handfull of 2nd's in Agility and Jumping. It's a learning curve as he is faster than Cad and Kaiser so he's fine it's me that needs the training lol, the clears we have had in the few shows we have done in Grade 4 have given us a 2nd and 4th in Jumping and a 4th in Agility. Quite happy to stay in Grade 4 a little while as want to gather experience for us both along the way :)

Cad and Kaiser have been competing well too, they both mostly just do agility now as that's what they stand the best chance in and I didn't want things to be too hectic with three dogs to run.

A few shows got cancelled due to the weather, perhaps Summer will carry on into September and October... I'm not holding my breath but just not having constant rain would be good!


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